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CeBIT 2011: 22 Bulgarian Firms & a National Stand

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Twenty Bulgarian companies are presenting themselves at the collective national stand (Stand H46 in Hall 6) at CeBIT 2011, whose partner this year is Turkey. Two other firms, Datecs and ProIntegra, can be found at their own stands – E39 in Hall 16 and B50/1 in Hall 5, respectively.
This year the national stand takes up nearly 200 sq m, whereas in 2010 Bulgaria did not have a national stand at CeBIT Hanover, and in 2009 there was such a stand but it covered 120 sq m.
A Bulgarian national day is expected to take place at the stand on 3 March, when Bulgaria celebrates its independence.
During the fair Datecs is presenting LineaPro – a new portable POS device, PDA+ – a special peripheral device which allows users to extend the applications of their PDAs, PinPad – the first product from Datecs in the field of payment terminals, DP-55 – a low-end electronic cash register, its latest ESC POS EP-60 model, its latest model of the LP-60 label printer, as well as portable printers DPP-350 and DPP-250.
Datecs is the largest fiscal equipment manufacturer in Europe with annual sales of over 200,000 fiscal units. The company's 2009 revenue amounted to almost 39 mln euro, of which nearly 21 mln euro was from export, and its products were exported to 67 countries on 6 continents. The firm has fiscal equipment distributors in all East European countries and in some has a market share of more than 40%.
Along with fiscal equipment, Datecs designs and produces mobile printers, POS printers, label printers, barcode readers, etc. Since 2005 the company has been active in the telecom area by producing GPRS terminals, GPRS modems, etc. Datecs has three assembly lines for the final assembly of products and a modern Samsung Techwin assembly line.
ProIntegra was founded in Varna, Bulgaria, in December 2007. The company's main product is Syntralink – a software integration application. It is based on user interface integration technology with the underlying concept of enabling non-technical end-users to build and maintain integrations themselves quickly, easily and extremely cost-effectively. Syntralink extracts information from a particular application, processes it, and imports it into another application.
The enterprises at Bulgaria's national stand are:
Avant-X Technologies
Avant-X Technologies is presenting its digital signage system WizzyCast at CeBIT. The product enables distant creation, management and visualization of commercial and informative content. It also offers a range of additional interactive modules, which use sensor devices and allow to underline the message with complementary effects (scent, touch, sound). With WizzyCast a user can quickly deliver multimedia content from multiple distant locations, and the information on every single display can be individualized.
“This is the company's first participation at CeBIT and we hope to manage to create interest and to successfully present the pros of our system. Our aim is to establish contacts for long-term partnerships and the popularization of WizzyCast outside Bulgaria“, the company says.
At CeBIT Bianor is presenting its iMediaShare mobile app, which has had quite of a success so far. iMediaShare transforms a smartphone into a remote control, allowing users to seamlessly stream and watch online media on the TV. All one needs to do is run the app.
“We expect to present iMediaShare in front of potential partners,” the company says. “We would be glad to show content owners and content publishers the benefits of distributing their most valuable asset to the global audience through our content distribution solution. We are interested in meeting with telecom service providers and discussing with them iMediaShare as a new market differentiating service establishing new revenue generation streams.”
In 2009, Bianor had a revenue of a little over 1,6 mln euro, 92% of which came from export.
Brain Storm Consult
At CeBIT Brain Storm Consult is showing off its most modern ERP class solution KARTELL. The product's base technology .NET provides for real-time work for all objects irrespective of their location, flexibility and adaptability regarding the changes in the economic environment and within the client's own business. The system lays on a three-layer architecture and has a palette of settings which enables consultants to add virtually unlimited additional abilities to the core.
When selling ERP  KARTELL Brain Storm Consult offers: ready program licenses, process optimization analyses and recommendations, quick and quality implementation with an own team, full system support, further system development when needed, as well as concomitant consultancy services.

ERP  KARTELL can be used in SMBs and large enterprises. It has specialized editions for the manufacturing sector (ready-made and custom), services, and trade. The owners of many companies with different activities can benefit from automated consolidated reports.
There are options for communication with different external applications like production management systems, electronic document exchange app, as well as with web sites and devices, i. e. barcode readers, PDAs, RFID, etc.
“Brain Storm Consult has the ambition to spread this product to foreign markets too, which is the reason for us to take part in this fair. We hope we will find good partners to work with,” the company says.
In 2009, the vendor had a nearly 616,000 euro revenue.
BulPros provides customized solutions with a focus on IT and BPO consulting, software development, system integration, and technical and customer support. For CeBIT the firm has prepared presentations covering these main activities.
In the IT & BPO consulting sphere BulPros is specialized in market intelligence, operation set up, transition and transformation management, service and quality improvement, project staffing support.
The software development services the company offers may include research, new development, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in a software product. The services include extended development center, quality assurance and software testing, maintenance and migration, and custom application development.
As for system Integration BulPros provides IT infrastructure integration, ERP system integration, data center integration, BCP and DRP integration.
In the area of technical and customer support the firm offers IT Infrastructure support services, IT service desk, Application management services, contact centers, data and content management centers.
“Our participation at CeBIT is a perfect opportunity to establish business contacts with international companies from different parts of the world and present Bulgaria as an attractive outsourcing destination,” Marketing Manager Denitza Mihova says.
Bulwork is the first agency in Bulgaria for ICT and BPO specialists recruitment and assessment. For new coming companies the company is able to provide professional consultancy including information about the labor market, market competitors, salary levels, team-buildings, various trainings, etc.
“The financial crisis forced a big part of the companies to be on a stand by regime, which definitely led to a stagnation of the labor market as well. This is the reason for some companies not to follow the traditional rules and to have strong a focus on the innovations at work. Without any doubt CeBIT 2011 is the place where all players will have the chance to get closer with the new technologies in the field of IT and telecommunications and to meet the providers of these innovative technologies. Because Bulwork operates in the HR field and is specialized in recruitment in the ICT branch, our role is to popularize Bulgaria as an outsourcing destination, to attract new clients and to present the Bulgarian IT and telecommunication sector to foreign candidates. In our opinion, we shouldn’t wait to emerge from the financial crisis. This is the reason that we strive to expand our activity, to win new markets and to develop new business strategies,” the company says.
Geocon Bulgaria
Geocon Bulgaria's focus at CeBIT is presenting its Geocon PlanExpert software product. The company is looking for IT partners keen on offering this and other solutions in the EU and worldwide.
“In order to address our clients' growing requirements in the sphere of making schedules and clocking working hours we developed Geocon PlanExpert. Geocon PlanExpert stands for modern and flexible planning, a comfortable user interface, a completely customer oriented solution with high abilities and competitiveness,“ the company says.
Geocon PlanExpert is built as an information system that helps personnel in their routines in terms of scheduling and clocking working hours. Every person who can use the system has different access rights to functions and data. In addition to access control there also are functions like database change tracking.

The product is module-based, so new modules can be easily implemented and the old ones are not hard to modify. To ensure optimal performance, Geocon PlanExpert is realized as a three-layer client-server application. Hence, it consists of clients, one or more servers, and a database management system.
Furthermore the product offers technological means for integration with other systems based on the XML standard, as well as other protocols.
Geocon PlanExpert can serve middle sized and large organizations' needs. It allows using a lot of work stations spread across vast territories.
GPS Services
GPS Services was established in 2003 with the aim to improve vehicle fleet management through GPS technologies. The company uses NAVSTAR GPS, originally designed in the USA, and based on it it creates low-priced solutions for technical modules, as well as a user friendly software app. GPS Services provides a fully mobile transport control and management system for all types of businesses. Also, the company offers a real-time vehicle fleet monitoring, control and analysis system track CENTRAL Server, which is on-premise, and an online solution called track CENTRAL DataBase. But the success of GPS Services is mainly attributable to its AutoTrack product line.
“Since its establishment, the firm has been after the goal to enter the foreign market. Our annual participation at the prestigious CeBIT exhibition in Hanover, Germany, and our many realized projects made GPS Services a respected name among the companies in this sector. As a result of the responsible specialists' work in the firm and the assortment's good quality Bulgaria-made software is now used in a number of European countries. In the near future GPS Services plans to open offices in Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Moldavia, etc.,” reads the company's web site.
Hamilton Data Services 
Hamilton Data Services is a provider of business process management (BPM) and data and document management solutions. The company is also active in cloud computing. It develops and provides customized work-flow-based apps designed to manage non-core business processes, which are often complementary to the existing ERP platforms.
The solutions of Hamilton Data Services usually require limited upfront investment and are typically delivered over the Internet as SaaS.
For customers demanding integrated full-service solutions, HDS also provides complementary data and document management services, such as data processing, scanning, and electronic and hardcopy archiving.
“Thousands of client employees log into the cloud computing platforms of Hamilton Data Services as they carry out their daily jobs in 120 cities from the Atlantic coast of Europe to the Pacific coast of Asia. Document and data services are performed by the company's local offices in France, Bulgaria and Russia,” the firm says.
Icygen specializes in providing premium websites, web-based software, e-business platforms, and Internet marketing solutions. It offers a wide array of services – from research, business analyses, and specification of the project scope to web design, web development and implementation of Intranet and Extranet solutions, online business applications, custom software, websites, promotional landing pages, etc.
The company was established in 1999 in California, USA, and an office in Sofia, Bulgaria, was opened the same year. Currently the headquarters and all production facilities are in Bulgaria.
Imagga, founded at the end of 2008, is focused on visual image search and exploration, and its many applications. Not long ago the firm launched its flagship SaaS offering StockPodium which offers visual similarity search for micro-stock images. StockPodium charges averagely $2 per image. Its image search engine is powered by Tagger and offers 88% precision.
As of February 2011, Imagga has added a further 3 mln images to its collection of 7 mln pictures via a reseller contract with an image bank.
The firm also has two other SaaS products – TaggRe SaaS and Imagga SaaS, both of which offer pay-as-you-go and prepaid monthly subscriptions for higher volumes.
TaggRe SaaS allows auto tagging of vast image collections (jpg, gif, png, raw) with poor to no text tags assigned. It can transform image data into a highly searchable image database.
Imagga SaaS allows users to perform visual search in their own image collections. It indexes all the visual content and makes it searchable and accessible.
InterConsult Bulgaria
At CeBIT the company puts the stress on its business-process-based portal solutions and expects to find new clients and partners. But what is maybe more interesting is that on 1 March at the fair ICB received the European Seal of e-Excellence 2011, Category: Gold CeBIT.
The company's top products are Engi Tools, Safe Family, and Car Ins.
Engi Tools, based on artifitial intelligence, is an integrated software system which automatically generates product and engineering documentation. Its accuracy is over 95% for all the 50 supported types of documents. According to Konsberg, the main user of Engi tools, the product generates more than 10,000 pages for about 20,000 projects annually. It improves productivity 30 times and shortens the entire process from 60 days to less than 2 days.
Safe Family is a banking software which manages the cycle of money processing. It automates this process and leads to a 10-fold productivity improvement.

Car Ins is aimed at the insurance business. It integrates data from 15 or more available internal and external software products and provides more efficient and flexible client services. Car Ins can link with all organizations and systems that are connected to the insurance business – police, car maintenance shops, GIS, road safety authorities, CRM systems, etc.
InterConsult Bulgaria (ICB) was founded in 1996 as an outsourced element of InterConsult – Norway. In 2002 it became part of COWI Group, and as of 2009 the company is entirely Bulgarian-owned. Currently 70% of ICB's revenues come from abroad, of which 57% from Norway, 12% from the USA, 0.7% from Denmark. The firm also has clients in the UK, Germany, Belgium, etc. In 2009, ICB generated a nearly 2,1 mln euro revenue of which 1,6 mln euro came from export.
Ins Info Trading
In Hanover the company is presenting Ins Info and Business Linux. The former is a complete CRM solution for the insurance business integrated with SAP ERP. It meets the needs of both insurance companies and brokers. The product is based on open-source technologies and its development platform is Java. Ins Info also features an SOA conception that offers integration with external systems for online insurances, damage assessment, etc.
Business Linux is “the first in Bulgaria integrated office solution which is completely based on open-source technologies,” the company stresses. It offers all the necessary services for start-ups, SMBs and large enterprises but without the cost of software licenses. The product's different sets include mail server, telephony, file server, active directory, corporate portal, work stations, etc.
Komaks, established in 1996, is a distributor which provides communication networks, hardware solutions, PC components, PC units and other product solutions. The firm distributes over 50 brands and has over 4000 active dealers globally. Komaks dealers use an electronic platform by which they can access real-time information about product prices and features, know-how, inventory data, and current accounts through Internet. 
Integrated  Systems Laboratory (ISL)
ISL, founded in 1991, is specialized in the production of fiscal and thermal printers as well as in designing and developing hotel and restaurant systems.
In October 2010, the company took part in the national stand at CeBIT Bilisim.
MEM-Microelectronica is a semiconductor company focused on design, manufacturing and supply of application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC/ASSP) in the field of radio-frequency identification (RFID) transporters, LED and power management drivers and sensors.
The key products of the company are 125 Khz (13.56 MHz) RFID transporters, magnetoresistive sensors, PWM LED drivers, and a magnetoresistive sensor plus RFID sinergy products.
“Our main aim in Hanover is finding quality foreign partners,” says Ivaylo Mirchev, Marketing Manager with Microinvest. “CeBIT is an important exhibition and if there is a place where you can meet the right business partners, this is in Hanover. Our interests, of course, are in the areas of warehouse software and the automation of stores, restaurants, pizzerias, beer pubs. By now we have achieved a lot in Russia but we are not on the level where we would like to be on the highly competitive market of Western Europe.”
As a matter of fact, the firm does not seek to popularize its services as much as its brand, Mirchev points out. “This has to be the accent for the Bulgarian companies operating on foreign markets – their own brands and products,” he adds.
In 2009 Microinvest attended CeBIT solely and presented two key solutions for its business. The first one, called Cyber café, is oriented towards the end customers of restaurants, bars, and pizza places and enables mobile ordering. The other one is an innovative video monitoring system that offers tight integration with the company's trade units management software Warehouse Pro. Here the accent falls to the control over the sales spots where more than 40 per cent of the thefts happen. The final result is a strong limitation of the abuses and process optimization.
Microinvest generated a 1.2 mln euro revenue in 2009, of which 294 000 euro came from export.
Musala Soft
During CeBIT Musala Soft, a leading Bulgarian software engineering services company specialized in the delivery of complex and large-scale software solutions and IT consulting, is presenting its portfolio of services as a local center of excellence in nearshoring. The firm has a particular focus on the following technological solution types: BPM/ SOA/ EAI solutions, BI and data warehousing, software test automation, application modernization/mainframe migration, identity management and application security, embedded and mobile applications.
Musala Soft also presents its Applied Research & Development Center dealing exclusively with applied research and scientific projects together with academic institutions and innovation centers of commercial organizations.
“This year is our 9th consecutive participation at CeBIT,” the company says. “Musala Soft continues attending Hannover’s exhibition as we believe it presents an excellent platform for keeping in touch with partners and customers, as well as a way to acquire new partnerships and clients. We are mainly targeting to deepen negotiations with technical representatives of companies which are potentially interesting in terms of business synergies and common project initiatives – both at commercial and R&D level.”
In 2009 Musala Soft had a revenue of a little over 4 mln euro and its export revenue exceeded 2,8 mln euro.
Nemetschek Bulgaria
At CeBIT Hanover 2011 Nemetschek Bulgaria is showing off business software solutions in following areas: facility & property management with FM Center (CenterMine); electronic document management with DocuWare; BI with Tabulus; BIM with Horizontal Glue; CAD with Vectorworks Architect; and custom software development services.
“CeBIT is one of the biggest international IT exhibitions which gathers millions of people from all over the world. Our expectations are for valuable contacts with business representatives from different regions. As long as we are looking for partnership about R&D projects, distribution and know-how transfer, we are confident that CeBIT is a good platform for business communication within the IT sector,” the company says.
In 2009, Nemetschek Bulgaria had almost 2,6 mln euro of revenue and generated 2,2 mln euro from export. It has a proven track record of successful projects in development, marketing and implementation of business software solutions for EU, USA, and Middle East markets.
In Hanover you can also learn about S-Office ERP/ Professional Edition – a proprietary platform which is the solid foundation of all ERP solutions by Step-Soft under the S-Office Professional brand. S-Office is developed and distributed by the company as a client-server app using a Microsoft SQL database, or as a web-based application forming a complete suite of solutions for business process management.
Step-Soft is also showing off S-Office Branch Edition, which offers an intuitive solution specifically constructed in accordance with particular vertical business needs. Each Branch system comes with fixed functions and encompasses the standard business processes in each industrial branch.
“CeBIT Hanover provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase the company’s ingenuity and enthusiasm for innovation in the business software and IT services. Therefore, with its participation at CeBIT, Step-Soft seeks to expand its network of affiliates and start fruitful partnerships in the areas of product development, market expansion and penetration, technology R&D, and ERP consultancy. Furthermore, as part of the Bulgarian delegation in Hanover, Step-Soft aims at increasing global awareness and understanding of the fast-paced and competitive Bulgarian software scene and be part of a group that exemplifies the capabilities and professionalism of the Bulgarian software developer – a reliable and novel business partner for organizations from all over the world,” the company said.
Telecom Business Solutions
At CeBIT 2011, Telecom Business Solutions (TBS) is introducing an advanced solution for mobile video surveillance – Mobile Video Patroller (MVP). MVP works with Windows Azure, which helps leverage existing capital investments in hardware, thus providing a new-generation, cost-effective product for mobile video surveillance.
Mobile Video Patroller was first introduced in Turkey during CeBIT Bilisim 2010. In the EU TBS demonstrated MVP for the first time during an AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association ) event in Sofia.
“We believe that the USA is using some of the most advanced technologies in this field, and given the fact that there are differences in the US and EU manner of field work, TBS, together with our US partners, is continuously developing the MVP in order to adapt it for the EU market. This is one of the most powerful benefits of the product. Being built upon Microsoft .Net platform and using Microsoft’s latest technologies, MVP can be customized to fulfill the specific needs of law enforcement agencies throughout the world,” Nikolay Tanev, Key Account Manager at TBS.
In 2009, TBS had a revenue of 440 000 euro.

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