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ICT employees in Bulgaria 2010 – mostly young, male, master-degree, working in private sector

Computer World

The average compensation monthly rate (excluding bonuses) of an ICT specialist in Bulgaria for 2010 is 1019 BGN (€521), which is a 2.25% increase from 2009. Also last year people at technical positions again earned more than the average payment level for all the employed in the country – 640 BGN (€327) for the second quarter of 2010, according to data from the National Statistical Institute.
The number of ICT specialists who received bonuses got higher in 2010 versus 2009, albeit it could not reach the level of previous years.
The share of ICT employees getting extra benefits rose to 59% in 2010. The average amount of the financial bonuses for technological experts for 2010 went up to 2818 BGN (€1441), compared to 2349 BGN (€1201) for 2009.
These results emerged in the fourth annual representative survey “Compensation Levels of ICT Specialists in Bulgaria 2010”, executed by the independent private agency for marketing and social research Alpha Research and assigned by Computerworld Bulgaria.
The survey took place from 27 May to 30 August 2010. The number of respondents reached 501 specialists working at technology positions in all economic sectors, including the public sector.
Last year a quarter of the people with technological jobs felt revival in the branch they were working in, whereas this figure is only 2 percent for all Bulgarian employees.
Compensation satisfaction reached high levels in 2010 too.
Despite the observed positive signs on the ICT human capital market, the poll showed proofs of unstable conditions for the ICT specialists in Bulgaria, according to Alpha Research. The main evidence for this (in 2010) is as follows:
-  there was a significant drop in the number of specialists with a salary rise – just 27% in 2010, compared to 43% in a year before;
- fewer ICT workers re-negotiated their compensation levels;
- the fluctuation of labor was twice as less – from 10% in 2009 to 5% in 2010, and the majority of ICT employees decided to retain their positions and employers in the long term;
- compensation was not among the priority factors for a work shift for the first time in 4 years;
- there was a rise in the share of tech-workers who had to make a compromise to keep their current job;
- employers` intention to recruit and hire new ICT employees in 2010 dropped twice against 2009 – it was only 18%.

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