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NURTS Bulgaria JSCo

NURTS is the leading provider of radio and television broadcasting and signal transmission in Bulgaria.

The company own and operates a network of over 700 strategically located sites with national coverage. Some of the most remarkable buildings in Bulgaria are the TV tower in Borisova Gradina park in Sofia, the Kopitoto TV tower, the tower on mount Snezhanka, the TV towers in Ruse, Dobrich and many others. NURTS is constantly investing in the development and improvement of its infrastructure and the services provided.

Along with terrestrial television and radio broadcasting, NURTS also provides microwave transmission, satellite transmission and broadcasting, and collocation.

NURTS Bulgaria has adopted 24×7 video surveillance and maintenance of all its sites and equipment through a state-of-the-art National centre for network control and management, which encompasses all sites of NURTS Bulgaria.

NURTS has employed more than 400 professionals whose efforts and expertise provide the Bulgarian viewers and listeners with terrestrial television and radio.

The major customers to which NURTS Bulgaria provides broadcasting services are BNT, BNR, BTV Media Group, Nova TV, TV 7, BBT, Darik Radio. All national and almost all regional television programs in the country air their programs from the towers of NURTS.

NURTS Digital JSC is a sister company of NURTS Bulgaria JSC and successor of Towercom Bulgaria JSC. Prior to the change of its name and ownership, Towercom Bulgaria was owned by Towercom Slovakia – successor of Rádiokomunikácie, o.z. Slovak Telekom, a.s – the incumbent tower company in Slovakia.

NURTS Digital JSC is licensed to set up and operate two digital terrestrial television networks with national coverage for a 15-year term (Decisions №358 and №359 from 08.04.2009 of the Bulgarian Communications Regulation Commission).

NURTS sets up and operates the so called “multiplexes’ – the digital terrestrial television networks. As of 2006, the company has been airing DVB-T in Sofia – for test purposes.

According to the plan for introduction of DVB-T in Bulgaria, on 01.03.2013 the so called “simulcast” (simultaneous airing of both analog and digital terrestrial television) will start. It will last for 6 months – up until 01.09.2013.

On 01.09.2013 all analog TV transmitters will be shut down for good and the citizens of Bulgaria will watch DVB-t only, thus becoming part of the European family of countries in which the transition from analog to digital terrestrial television has already finished. 

Phone Number: +359 2 806 93 00
Fax: +359 2 806 93 09
2 “P.Yavorov” Boulevard, Sofia 1164, Bulgaria


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