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26 Apr

ICT Usage in Households and by Individuals in Bulgaria in 2015

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Electronic commerce (E-commerce)

According to the results of the survey on ICT usage in households and by individuals for 2015, the share of individuals aged 16 - 74 years old who shopped for personal (not job - related) needs online reached 18.5%.

In comparison to the previous year increase of 1.9 percentage points was registered as the increase was 1.3 percentage points for males and 2.5 for females. 

Significant differences were observed in using e-commerce by educational attainment level of the individuals.

The share of persons with completed tertiary education who made orders/purchases of goods or services online was 38.6% while of those with completed basic education or lower this share was only 5.6%.

Most often individuals purchased online clothes and sport goods - 71.2 % of persons who had online purchases ordered such articles, followed by orders related to households’ goods (31.4%) and orders related to trips and hotel reservations (30.6%).

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