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26 Apr

ICT Usage in Households and by Individuals in Bulgaria in 2015

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Internet usage for interaction with public authorities by individuals

In 2015, 17.8% of individuals used a global network of interaction with the public administration and local government.

The most significant share is of the individuals who received information from the web page or website of public administration (16.0%), followed by the share of individuals downloaded forms from the official website (12.9%) and ones who send the completed form (9.1%) in the last twelve months.

Females were more active than males in the use of online services offered by public administration - respectively 19.0% and 16.6 %. 

Internet security

The survey for 2015 has introduced a special module on internet security.

According to the results 27.5% of the internet users had experienced problems related to catching a virus or other computer infection (e.g. worm or Trojan horse) resulting in loss of information or time. A relatively small share of the internet users (3.6%) were victims of abuse of personal information sent on the internet or other privacy violations.

Security concerns on providing personal information to online communities for social and professional networking had 21.8% of the internet users.

From ordering or buying goods or services and from carrying out banking activities such as account management were limited respectively 18.5% and 18.4% of them. Almost two thirds (65.7%) did not faced security threats which limited or kept them from doing their usual activities via the internet.

Half of internet users (50.8%) made regularly back up files from their computers on external storage device or to internet storage space for the reason of protecting them against data loss. The majority of them (42.2%) were aware that cookies can be used to trace movements of people on the internet. 21.4% of users changed the settings in their internet browser to prevent or limit the amount of cookies put on their computers.

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