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26 Apr

ICT Usage in Households and by Individuals in Bulgaria in 2015

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According to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1196/2014 of 30 October 2014, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) of Bulgaria conducted a survey on Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) usage in households and by individuals. The survey was carried out in all member states of the European Union according to a common methodology which ensures an international comparability of the results. 4 085 ordinary households and 9 011 individuals aged 16 - 74 were interviewed.

Access to the internet in households

The results of the survey on the information and communications technologies (ICT) usage in households and by individuals showed that in Bulgaria, 59.1% of the households had access to the internet at home in 2015, which was a growth of 2.4 percentage points, compared to the previous year. The relative share of households using broadband internet connection was increased (by 2.3 percentage points) - up to 58.8%, or almost all households with internet access were ensured with fast and reliable connection.

For ten year period the use of ICT became more widely - the relative share of households with internet access had increased more than three times, and the use of broadband had increased more than 5 times. 

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