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26 Apr

Bulgarian IT business is shrinking, the fall in the telecom sector continues

2014: still another year in which the cloud and outsourcing services, as well as other activities for foreign customers help the local IT business to survive

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Business with networking and communication products has recorded a huge leap in 2014. After a slight 4 percent decline in 2013, last year network specialists managed to increase their revenues by almost one fifth (19.2%) to 50 million BGN, returning to the levels of 2012 (50.4 million BGN), but still far from the over 67.6 million BGN reached in 2011.

The consultancy market has 23% Y-o-Y increase. The revenues from this activity from 22 companies amounts to 26,3 million BGN in 2014.

Almost 7,7 million BGN has reached the market of IT training, or nearly 50% growth. This shows the comparison of revenues of the 24 participants in ICT Top 100 2015 compared to the 20 companies in this sector ranking a year earlier (5,1 million BGN).

Only three companies have declared revenue from information and electronic services in the country in 2014. They have generated a total turnover of nearly 2 million BGN. Last year the number of participants was 8, and their turnover - 9,5 million BGN. The direct comparison of the two figures, however, shows that this year's turnover is 79% smaller than the one from 2013.

There is a rise in the revenue from specific services. This category includes specific activities of various companies that are not covered by other general market categories. 38 companies share data concerning turnover in this category, generating a total of 42,2 million BGN. This figure is 45.5% more than the 29 million BGN, reported by almost the same number of companies last year - 37.

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