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26 Apr

Bulgarian IT business is shrinking, the fall in the telecom sector continues

2014: still another year in which the cloud and outsourcing services, as well as other activities for foreign customers help the local IT business to survive

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ICT segments

16 companies have generated 323 million BGN turnover from distribution of hardware, software and network devices, so the sector showed 13% annual rise (Most Computers do not participate in this year’s ranking).

The revenue from outsourcing (incl. cloud services) reported by 18 companies has reached almost 308 million BGN.

40 companies participate in the system integration ranking. Their revenue in 2014 amounts to 265 million BGN, so the annual market growth compared to the turnover of almost 245,5 million BGN a year ago declared by 37 companies, is up 7,9%.

The software market reports 363 million BGN in 2014, which marks a 26% Y-o-Y increase. The total software sales includes revenue from software development, ready software products sales, and software system integration.

24% is the growth in Bulgarian software development market. 40 firms have generated 283,4 million BGN income in 2014 in this segment, while 30 software development companies declared a turnover of 228,7 million BGN in 2013.

The total hardware market has experienced sustained decline in the 2014 ranking. The market includes reported sales of computer hardware, office equipment, manufacturing of hardware, delivery of communications products and systems integration (hardware solutions).

Moderate growth is reported by the Bulgarian manufacturers of hardware in 2014. The result is more modest than last year's 14.9 percent, but still very positive, given the 15 percent decline recorded in 2013.

There is quite a stir in the market of office equipment - this is according to the results reported by companies operating in the segment. Computerworld has data about 24 companies that have generated a total of 30.7 million BGN in this area. Last year the number was 23, and reported revenues – 23.1 million BGN. The difference between the two figures is solid - whole 78.9%.

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