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26 Apr

Cloud, Big Data, I-o-T, Social Media Will Shape the Future of the IT Industry

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By Konstantsa Kadankova

It is hard to predict the future of Bulgarian IT and outsourcing sectors. But the branch association feel the pulse of the industry, her expectations, problems and opportunities. That is why we asked the main three professional associations in the country – The Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM), The Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT) and The Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA), for their competent and authoritative opinions about the development of the branch.

Technological segments which will florish in 2016-2020

„I expect that Cloud, Big Data, I-o-T and social media would be the drivers of the new trends. Online services as a whole, the platforms, on which they will be developed and the operators, who will deliver them, will shape the landscape of the future. The hardware will follow them and will develop with them, so will the applications do“, Petar Ivanov, Chairman of the Managing Board of BAIT and owner of the leading Bulgarian ICT distribution company Solytron commented.

Petar Ivanov, BAIT

„The hardware and the software go hand by hand, and, as we can see by now, the hardware does not show reaching of any limit of its development, but the opposite – the technologies in this sphere develop exponentially. That is why, for being used, the hardware needs software. The software itself develops in new directions (cloud, mobile, etc.), and this drives the development of the hardware in these fields. The communications and telecommunications are in direct dependence on the previous two and that is why they should not fall in stagnation – Stamen Kotchkov, Chairman of the Managing Board of BASSCOM and Vice President at the software leader SAP Labs Bulgaria said – The other sectors I mentioned are rather supporting and their development depends on the specific needs on the other businesses, which might vary, regardless of the other trends. That is the reason why it is hard to make precictions in this direction, but we could expect at least some growth, unless another world economic crises strikes.“

According to Plamen Tsekov, Member of the Managing Board of BOA and Chief Executive Officer of the leading IT solutions and services provider ScaleFocus, the areas of the electronic services, the outsourcing and the trainings will grow. The globalizing cloud will totally transform the software, harware and system integration businesses – huge part of those will just vanish, he says. “Bulgaria was recognized as outsourcing destination of the year twice in 2015, and I assume that the interest at the autsources services will be significantly higher than at the other ICT segments”, Tsekov predicted.

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