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COMPUTERWORLD | Articles | ICT Watch 2016
26 Apr

Cloud, Big Data, I-o-T, Social Media Will Shape the Future of the IT Industry

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„Bulgaria is well positioned geographically. There are many factors that strenghten Bulgaria`s potential as a regional hub: all the local and international events on IT, entrepreneurship, management topics, that take place in the country; the startup environment, that has been formed during the last 2 years; the diversity of companies, that operate at the country – new small enterprises, local players, branches of international companies; the abundance of international clients of the local IT and outsourcing sector; the project Sofia Tech Park, which is expected to come efficiently into action in 2016; the achievements of the national mathematics and informatics teams; the strategy of the Ministry of Councils of Bulgaria for the creation of new 30 000 IT specialists, but also many other government and private educational initiatives; positive steps to ease the procedure for hiring highly qualified specialists from third countries (EU Blue Cards); the first steps for positioning Bulgaria as an attractive destination not only for IT companies, but for IT people too“, Marinova explained.

According to Marinova, there is much more to be done, because the positioning is a process and Bulgaria has competitors. Coordinated actions of business, government and the representatives of Bulgaria in Brussels are needed. „Bulgaria could be such hub, but we have to formulate, communicate and lobby our position very well from and at all levels“, Marinova assured.

Plamen Tsekov, BOA

Currently Bulgaria is in a unique position in the Balkans, its image is still very good, Plamen Tsekov, Member of the Managing Board of BOA commented. „Bulgarian companies are gaining more prominence and international awards - we can successfully be front companies and affiliates in neighboring countries that are not yet members of the EU – Macedonia, Serbia and Albania. Targeted, fast actions from the government and the society for strategic support of the IT and outsourcing sector is needed, as it happened with the tourism sector. There is an option for a serious tax, social security and demographical effect, in which the main beneficiary might be Bulgaria. Our key competitor in this mini-geopolitical game is Romania – the country has made very quick reforms in 2015 and they have bigger human resources capacity than Bulgaria. Greece is not in a good shape right now“, Tsekov concluded.

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