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26 Apr

Cloud, Big Data, I-o-T, Social Media Will Shape the Future of the IT Industry

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„However, the natural growth of the software industry in the last few years has been hindered because of the inability of the educational system to guarantee the demanded number of qualified specialists, and not only on the fields of IT. Moves ahead have been made through the partial simplification of the procedure for issuing of the so called “EU Blue Cards “, which would allow the attraction of qualified specialists from EU non-member countries, and thus reducing the current scarcity. However, we expect additional actions at this direction, for example shortening deadlines for issuing blue cards and switch to "one-stop" service. (note: The EU Blue Card is a work- and residence permit for skilled Non-EU/EEA nationals.)

For the development not only of the IT business, but of the competitiveness of the economy as a whole, reforms are imperative in tax, social, and investment legislation, in electronic government, investments and targeting of EU funds. We believe that reforms in all of the listed areas are important not only for the sector, but for the overall economic development of Bulgaria“, Kotchkov stressed.

According to Plamen Tsekov from BOA the increasing competition in the sector, especially at the labor market, will be one of the main drivers of the progress. In terms of increasing costs and tax burdens, companies will have to manage to deliver more and distinctive value added in their services and products, he said.

„We in Bulgarian Outsourcing Association continue searching for a path for facilitation of IT and outsourcing sector from the side of state institutions. One of the long-term challenges in the quality of education either in terms of teaching technology, or in terms of content depth. At the moment the IT business has big extra expenditures on additional training and qualification, so that to be able to offer quality and competitive services“, Tsekov stated.

Bulgaria – software development and outsourcing hub

„The trend of refocusing of companies activities from „coding“ at the first years of the development of the sector to participation in all the phases of the contemporary software production – analyses, design, architecture, implementation, quality assurance, support and development, continues this year too“, Stamen Kotchkov, Chairman of the Managing Board of BASSCOM commented.

Except the purely technological innovations, which suggest high extend of integrity between different software and hardware systems, an important advantage that Bulgarian software companies acquired in the last few years is the high level of process organization and the so called “domain knowledge”, meaning the ability to organize quickly, efficiently and towards the specific needs of a given industrial sector. This means development in consulting, too, and not only purely development activity, Kotchkov pointed.

According to BASSCOM, the scope of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem is growing, thanks to the seed funds, the accelerator funds and the venture capital funds, that offer very good conditions for the startup enterprises and innovative companies, and their number also rises significantly.

All these factors, together with the presence of favorable circumstances for making business in the sector determine the increasing interest at Bulgaria as an attractive destination and a regional innovation hub for potential foreign investors, Kotchkov confirmed.

Elena Marinova, BAIT

Elena Marinova, Member of the Managing Board of BAIT and President of one of the leading Bulgarian software companies - Musala Soft, showed confidence that Bulgaria has the potential to become a regional hub for software development and outsourcing services.

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