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26 Apr

Bulgarian Software Business Reached 1.6 Billion Levs in 2015

With four times higher wages than the national average, the software branch is the highest paid sector of the Bulgarian economy

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BASSCOM marked as a positive move the partial simplification of the procedure for issuing of the so called “EU Blue Cards “, which would allow the attraction of qualified specialists from EU non-member countries, and thus reducing the current scarcity. However, we expect additional actions at this direction, for example shortening deadlines for issuing blue cards and switch to "one-stop" service.

"The industry provides a quarter of a billion levs tax revenues in the state budget and operating profit in the industry is approximately equal to the gain in sectors such as motor vehicles and Health."

In the long term horizon, BASSCOM works with a number of competent institutions to undertake deep structural reforms in the education system in line with business requirements. The software association insist on the imposition and development of the IT sector as a priority for national policy and in 2015 proposed and started the implementation of five concrete measures.

"20% of companies predict revenue growth of 10% for 2015"

One of them is related to the provision of vocational training "junior programmer" for interested students (grades 9-12) from all schools in the larger cities. BASSCOM believes that this step would have the greatest effect in the medium term to address the problems of the industry and the economy as a whole. Therefore BASSCOM, together with National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) started the preparation of the state educational requirements for the profession "Programmer". Subsequently, based on the standard, a curriculum for qualification "junior programmer" will be prepared. With the support of the Ministry of education and Science (MES) BASSCOM anticipates at full development of 20 training centers in the country by 2020, up to 6,000 students to graduate annually.

Except for extremely urgent changes in education, BASCOM continues to push for policy reforms in tax, social, investment and fiscal legislation, the introduction of electronic government, investments and targeting of EU funds.
BASSCOM stated that reforms in these areas are important not only for the sector, but also for the overall economic development of Bulgaria.

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