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26 Apr

Bulgarian Software Business Reached 1.6 Billion Levs in 2015

With four times higher wages than the national average, the software branch is the highest paid sector of the Bulgarian economy

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Because of the scarcity of IT professionals in the software companies, the sector almost constantly has new open positions and vacancies, and often the companies need over ten weeks to fill some of them - software architects, software developers and project managers.

238 million levs paid taxes from the branch in 2014

In 2014 г. the taxes paid by the software industry to the state treasury of Bulgaria amounted 238 million levs, which is 25 million levs more than it was the previous year. From the total amount 89 million levs were value-added tax, 21 million levs – profit tax, 71 million levs – social security, and 58 million levs came from income tax. According to the data from the survey “Barometer for the software industry”, in growth of paid taxes to the budget the branch points 8 times difference to the growth of the budget - or 12.0 percent more taxes compared with 1.5% growth in the revenues of the budget.

Due to the specifics of the industry and the lack of gray sector tax collection is extremely high.

Prognoses for 2015

9% of all the members of BASSCOM who participated the survey expect a rise in their revenue with about 50% in the year of 2016, and 20% foresee a 10 percent growth. 50% of the companies don`t expect any change, and only 12% anticipate that their income will go down.

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