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23 Apr

National Statistical Institute: A glimpse into the ICT usage in enterprises in Bulgaria 2013

The NSI observed enterprise social media usage in Bulgaria for the first time in 2013


In 2013, the National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria carried out the tenth consecutive survey on information communication technologies (ICT) usage and e-commerce in non-financial enterprises with 10 or more employed. The same survey was conducted in all European Union member states, based on a common methodology, which ensured international comparison of the results.

In January 2013, the relative share of enterprises having Internet access reached 89.1%, or with 1.7 percentage points more in comparison with the previous year. There were improvements of the type and speed of connections used – 77.9% of the enterprises were using fixed broadband connection. Mobile broadband connection via a portable device was used by 33.3% of the enterprises. In comparison with 2012, this indicator showed growth of 7.9 percentage points.

ICT were the most widely used by the largest enterprises (250 or more employed), 99.1% of them had Internet access, while in small enterprises (10-49 employed) this relative share was 87.4%.

In 2013, 27.8% of the persons employed used a computer at least once a week for executing their work duties and 23.9% of the employed have been granted access to the Internet, as there have been an increase in comparison with the previous year, respectively 1.2 and 1.4 percentage points.

Small enterprises had the highest relative share of employed who were using computer (30.0%) and the highest relative share of employed using Internet – 26.8%.

More than half of the enterprises (52.3%) maintained their own webpage or website. Of the largest enterprises 78.7% had their own website while for the middle sized ones this relative share was 64.7%, and for the small ones it was 48.6%.

E-exchange of information and services with the public administration

Enterprises intensively used Internet for interaction with public authorities, according to the NSI.

From all enterprises with Internet access, 82.5% electronically obtained information from public authorities and the relative share of enterprises using the possibility to download official forms (tax, accounting, statistics, etc.) was 86.4%.

The interest in submitting completed forms electronically increased, and a growth of 2.0 percentage points was registered in comparison with 2012, and the share of enterprises using this service reached 89.0%.

There was still a small relative share of enterprises that were using Internet for accessing tender documents and specifications in electronic procurement systems of public authorities. Although there was an increase of 0.9 percentage points in comparison with 2012, only 11.1% of enterprises used such services.

Almost all large enterprises used electronic services provided by public authorities – 96.2% returned filled in forms, 94.4% obtained forms and 93.0% obtained information via the Internet.


In January 2013, 28.2% of the enterprises sent electronic invoices, and one third of them sent them in a standard structure suitable for automatic processing.

Enterprises that received e-invoices suitable for automatic processing were 43.5%, which is with 16.2 percentage points more in comparison with 2011.

Social media

The NSI observed enterprise social media usage in Bulgaria for the first time in 2013. The research referred to the usage of web-based applications or communication platforms for connecting, creating and exchanging content online with customers, suppliers or partners, as well as within the enterprise.

According to the NSI, every third enterprise (33.4%) maintained some social media presence on networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

The share of enterprises using multimedia content sharing websites (YouTube, Picasa, etc.) was 10.2%, and this opportunity was mainly used by large enterprises (15%).

The usage of blogs and wiki based knowledge sharing tools was not as widespread. They were utilized by 5.4% and 4.9% of the enterprises, respectively.

Large enterprises were the leaders in social media usage – 15% of them used multimedia content sharing websites, 8% took advantage of blogging or microblogging platforms, and 7.8% leveraged wiki-based tools for sharing knowledge. However, they were a little less active than medium enterprises (50-249 employed) in social networking, as the relative shares were respectively 35.9% and 36.4%.

A total of 52% of all enterprises used social media to develop their image or for marketing, 42.8% relied on it for interacting with customers, and 18.7% used social media to involve customers in product and service development or innovations.


More and more enterprises use the Internet to improve their business and to facilitate customers and suppliers, the NSI said.

The survey showed that enterprises' online sales increased their share by 0.2 percentage points in comparison with the previous year, as 8.0% of all enterprises received orders online. The total value resulting from online sales was 4 409 million BGN.

A decrease of 0.56 percentage points was observed in the share of those enterprises which made online purchases – 6.8% of enterprises purchased goods or services, but the total value of online purchases increased in comparison to the previous year and was 2 285 million BGN.

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