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05 Mar

In 2010 Bulgarian ICT export was on the rise again


Tihomir Ivanov

In 2010 Bulgarian ICT export soared 38.6% year-on-year to 84.7 mln euro, according to the comparison between all technological exporters that participated in Computerworld Bulgaria's both Top 100 2010 and Top 100 2009. This is demonstrative of the “rule” that at times of global crises the first Bulgarian companies to start recovering are exporters.

Significantly lower but still positive, however, is the growth of 9.4% year-on-year if only comparing the 20 firms that submitted data for both annual rankings.

Anyway, it is noteworthy that in 2009 Bulgaria's total ICT export revenue went down by 10.6% on the year, according to the comparison between all exporters in Top 100 2009 and Top 100 2008. The decrease was 12% when comparing the 18 firms that participated in both ratings.

In 2010 just like the year before, Datecs stood on top as Bulgaria's number one technological exporter in terms of revenue. Moreover, the company experienced a strong annual growth of 42.6%. DZU came second, but we cannot compare its 2010 export results, since the company did not reveal such data for 2009. ICT exporter number three – Media Systems – managed to jump to 2010's “podium” from the fifth place, which it occupied in 2009, due to the 59% increase in its export revenue and the 32% slump in the export results of Fadata (fourth), another large Bulgarian ICT exporter revenue.

The most impressive export revenue increase did not come from top three, however. It was attributable to a much smaller player – Persy, whose results soared 187%. This was also the only three-digit increase in the 2010 chart.

Unfortunately, in 2010 Bulgaria did not offer Bulgarian ICT exporters a collective national stand at CeBIT in Hanover, which could have helped more domestic companies to attend the international exhibition. The state, however, had such a stand at CeBIT Bilisim, held in Turkey.

Luckily, things changed to the better in 2011, when Bulgaria did offer a national stand in Hanover, which was used by 20 companies.

In 2012 a record number of 25 Bulgarian small and medium businesses presented themselves at the country's national stand at CeBIT in Hanover. Electroninvest and Datecs relied on their own stands at the fair.

The Bulgarian collective stand was funded through the project “Stimulating the Internationalization of Bulgarian Companies”, financed via Operational Program “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy” of the European Regional Development Fund.

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