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27 Feb

IT Distribution: Companies Seek to Enhance Market Positions


The distribution of mobile computers, as expected, continued expanding, while the most preferred name was definitely Dell. Companies willing to be authorized distributors of the PC maker continued crowding. New trademarks appeared in the areas of video surveillance products, PC components and security software. However, most of the new distribution constracts were related to names that are familiar in Bulgaria. This means that the existing market players show desire to expand their market presence.

Tha bad news is, in the end of the year the global financial crisis was felt in the country too, as the first „victims" of the economic situation fell in the end of 2009.

Alpha Copy to withdraw

The greek company Aplha Copy that was the authorised distributor of Nokia in Bulgaria decided to withdraw from the Bulgarian market pushed by the economic crisis pressure. In the beginning of 2009 the distribution of Nokia mobile products was placed in the hands of Most Computers, one of the most experienced disti companies.

Asbis Bulgaria with Acer and Megatrend

Im mid-January 2008 Acer authorized Asbis Bulgaria to be a distributor in Bulgaria. „Together with the current distributor Solytron and now with Asbis Bulgaria we plan to better popularize the Acer trademark across all market segments", Acer representatives commented. It was the second PC&notebook markt in the portfolio of Asbis, after the company added Dell in the ednd of 2007.

Later, in July 2008, the partnership between Acer and Asbis bulgaria was crowned with the appointment of a dedicated Acer representative: Mr. Daniel Valkov was chosen to be the official representative of the Taiwanese company in Bulgaria.

Asbis Bulgaria acquired Megatrend 80% of the shares of Megatrend d.o.o. Sarajevo, an IT products distributor in Bosnia and Hertsegovina. In two years Asbis can acquire another 10% of Megatrend, according to the initial constract.

BMG and Citrix

The Bulgarian software distributor BMG teamed up with Citrix Systems to offer product portfolio of server virtualization solutions, applications and desktop solutions for enterprise networks, etc. In just a few months BMG held several Citrix seminars, one of which was held together with Paraflow Communications, a leading system integrator and Citrix silver partner.

Vali and PNY Technology

Vali Computers sogned with PNY Technologies to offer its products in Bulgaria. The company is a manufacturer of professional videocards nVidia Quadro.

Genesys, Polycomp, Dealer Direct with Dell

Genesys Distribution became one of the official Dell distributors in Bulgaria in the middle of 2008.

In the beginning of 2009 two other companies also signed distributon constracts with dell - the one of the leading IT distributors „Polycomp", as well as the newborn „Dealer Direct". Up to now Dell has eight local authorized distributors in Bulgaria: Asbis Bulgaria, Dealer Direct, Genesys, Polycomp, Index Bulgaria, „Progress" CAPK, Jar Computers, Intellinet.

DNS Arrow to come and go

In march 2008 a new distribution company entered Bulgaria - DNS Arrow. Key partners of the company are well known names from the IT field: IBM, Sun, HP, NetApp, Symantec, VMware, Oracle, Citrix, CheckPoint, Symantec, RSA, Trend Micro, Nokia. The company survived less than a year and in the beginning of 2009 announced it is closing its Bulgarian subsidiary. The move was a part of a major decision for closing all offices in Central and Eastern Europe.

Escom and Trend Micro

Escom Bulgaria and Trend Micro alse teamed up to offer integrated security solutions. Escom is already well known for distributing products that offer enterprise protection from viruses, spam, cyber-attachs and all kinds of security threats.

Polycomp with Autodesk, BenQ, Epson, LG

Besides Dell, Polycomp won several other significant contracts. Starting with the ones with BenQ and Autodesk, which placed the company as the second major distributor of the leading CAD software, the Bulgarian company also became the trusted partner for Epson, as well as LG, covering all the product these companies are offering.

Solytron to add 4 new cotnracts too

Solytron started a new challenging partnership - with ЕМС, aiming to help the storage company acquire 75% market share in the storage area. Later on, Solytron added HP to its portfolio, joining the big group of HP local distributors - Most Computers, Polycomp and NT CHS/CT Computers.

Selling IBM software was another challenge that Solytron accepted, becoming the second IBM software distributor in Bulgaria (after NDB). In the networkng area Solytron added Linksys, and finally in the security area the company added Paxton Access to expand its security offering.

Technologica and Primavera

The Bulgarian software company TechnoLogica and the American Primavera announced their partnership in March 2008. The Bulgarian company will be the one oand only representatnive of Primavera in Bulgaria.

Changing roles

In November 2008, after Eaton acquired MGE Office Protection Systems, the company found itself having three distributors in Bulgaria - New System, Polycomp and Solytron. New System remains focused on Powerware products sales and service, while Polycomp and Solytron are the VA distributors for MGE Office Protections Systems.

As NT CHS was acquired by HVB Capital Partners, the local branch cnanged its name to CT Computers Bulgaria. The local branch also got a new managing director.

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