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бр. 27, 2016

08 юли

Revival for the IT business, the telecom market firms up

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Vladimir Vladkov

The total gross income of all the participants including IT and telecom sectors in this year’s listing “ICT Top 100” of Computerworld Bulgaria reached 4.17 Billion Bulgarian levs (BGN) - close to 2,13 billion Euro. The IT companies generated almost 1.9 billion BGN revenue for the year 2015, over 43% of which came from export, while the telecommunication sector succeeded to reach equilibrium with about 2.27 billion BGN total gross income (almost about the same amount in the year 2014).

102 companies participated in the total ranking of the IT market, but we managed to gather data only for five “pure” telecom operators for the ranking of the telecom market. Yet, the analysts foresee that it is the telecommunication services providers that will have more important role in the IT sphere taking in account the future incursion of I-o-T, М2М, smart transportation and smart home.

As was mentioned, the total gross revenue of the IT companies in the ranking for the year of 2015 is close to 1,9 billion BGN (972 million Euro), which showed a huge growth of over 22% to the revenue a year ago (1,56 billion BGN or about 798 million Euro).

The software development contributed 20% of the total IT revenue in 2015. Next comes the distribution of software, hardware and communication with 19,2% share. System integration is the third in volume business for the local IT companies, generating about 18.5% of the IT gross income for 2015. The outsourcing services, including cloud, create 17.5% of the IT revenue.

The leaders

The total revenue of the IT market amounting 1.9 billion BGN in 2015 generated by 102 companies, rose with 22% compared to the generated 1.6 billion BGN of the 105 IT companies a year ago. The big distributor Most Computers did not participate in the ranking, so did the software company Telerik, which was bought by the US company Progress in 2015. Yet, steady software development companies as MM Solutions, Ciela Norma, Software Group and Software AG DBC entered the ranking, and BULPROS included the financial data for the whole group of companies - Bulpros Consulting, InteQrity, Intracol Technologies and innotec Group.

The largest increase in their gross revenues shows Luxoft Bulgaria (593%), the new participant Zetta Systems (293%), Daticum – part of Sirma Group Holding (171%), BULPROS Group (137%) and Accedia (90%).

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IT business
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