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бр. 16, 2016

26 апр

ICT Usage in Households and by Individuals in Bulgaria in 2015

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In 2015, the highest relative share of households with iternet access was found in the Yugozapaden region - 67.8%, where the capital city is located. It is followed by the Yugoiztochen region and the Severen tsentralen region, respectively with 58.6% and 58.2%. The households in the Severozapaden region lagged behind the tendency with in the country, as there only 44.9% of the households had access to the internet at home. 

The reasons why households do not have internet access at home were complex - more than half (51.6%) blamed the lack of skills for working with the internet, and for 38.5% the costs of the necessary equipment or subscription fees were high.

ICT usage by individuals aged 16 - 74 years In 2015, 54.6% of the individuals aged 16 - 74 years used the internet every day or at least once a week.

There is a stable trend for growth of the regular internet usage by individuals, as in comparison to the previous year an increase of 0.9 percentage points was registered. A positive trend for decline in the share of persons aged 16 - 74 years old who have never used the internet was observed - from 37.1% in 2014 to 34.7% in 2015.

Data from the so far conducted surveys on ICT usage by individuals showed that the most active web users were young people between 16 and 24 years.

During the current year 84.1% of them used the internet every day or at least once a week. It is noted inversely proportional relationship between age groups and frequency of regular use of the internet - in the higher age groups were observed lower values of this indicator, as only 10.5% of the population in the highest observed age group (65 - 74 age years) used the global network. 

Males were more active in regular internet usage in comparison to females - respectively 55.2% and 54.0%.

There were significant differences in regularly using the internet by education - while 86.3% of those with tertiary education regularly used the global network, only 24.7% of the individuals with primary or lower education benefited from the opportunities that it provides.

The use of storage space on the internet to store documents, photos, music, videos or other files (i.e., ‘Cloud services’) became more popular among regular internet users aged 16 - 74 years.

In comparison with the previous year, an increase from 21.3% to 31.2% was observed. Users of the cloud service in 2015 were 32.8% of males and 29.6% of females. Persons aged 16 - 24 years were the most active users of these services (43.1%), followed by those aged 25 - 34 years (37.4%), while only 12.4% of those aged over 55 used the internet storage space.

Main purposes of internet use by individuals (for private purposes) In 2015, the regular internet users mostly used the network for communication. 83.3% of them carried out phone or video calls over the internet, and 78.9% used e-mail.

Three quarters (75.9%) declared that they have benefited from the services of a global web space to participate in social networks, and 70.7% read online news and newspapers. Also main activities in the internet were finding information about goods or services (61.7%), searching for health information (50.1%) and consulting with online encyclopaedias (43.3%). 19.5% of consumers used the internet to search or apply for a job, and 9.8% - for internet banking.

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