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бр. 8, 2009

27 фев

New Bulgarian Products at CeBIT 2009

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A fast growing market that faces the global financial crisis may slow down a little bit, but will hardly cease creating innovations and will keep the business-driven path of creating new solutions.

Reducing up to 90% ot phone costs

Bianor is a software product engineering company focused on developing telecommunications solutions. During the CeBIT Bianor is presenting two brand new members of its MobiECO family.

MobiECO Optima is an innovative software solution that allows enterprises to reduce up to 90% the costs of international mobile calls. The solution seamlessly reroutes mobile calls through the MobiECO server, analyses each call and performs the least cost routing using the existing PBX infrastructure.

MobiECO Sales Force is the second solution in the MobiECO family. It allows enterprises to improve the coordination and efficiency of their mobile sales force. MobiECO Sales Force records each call to a customer into the company's CRM system allowing the companies to maintain full history of the customer interaction and enabling them to enforce sales force coordination rules.

Both solutions' are empowered by the company's proprietary mobile service platform MobiSDP 2.0. It provides highly secured and reliable operations, advanced customizations and in-no-time deployment of mobile services.

The two MobiECO solutions come on the market in times of global economical stagnation and could easily turn into an effective tool to decrease costs and improve sales force efficiency.

Fiscal printing with connectivity variety

The fiscal printers ISL3940.01, ISL3918, ISL3921, and ISL3916 are making debut at CeBIT 2009. Having these new models inside the portfolio, ISL Ltd. covers the full range of fiscal printing devices. While designing the new product family members, special attention was paid to the rich pallette of communication capabilities - RS232, USB, PS2, Ethernet, external indicatior management, cash safe box management, etc. These are coupled with high printing speeds, a variety of printing fonts, as well as extra advertising features.

CeBIT 2009 is also a debut time for the POS equivalents: ISL3941, ISL3919, ISL3922, ISL3917. They too have a variety of connectivity interfaces as well as higher work speed and a better set of tools.

Completely new model is the GPRS terminal ISL755, designed for transferring data from fiscal devices It laso can be used for connecting with non-fiscal devices.

VoIP calls recording for Cisco Call Managers

The Corporate Call Recorder (CCR) by NG Systems is a VoIP call recording software for Cisco Call Managers and PBXs in your organization. CCR is one of the few solutions in the world with the unique CallManager JTAPI connectivity and with support for nearly all versions of the Cisco Unified Call Manager (4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x.). The user-friendly interface enables options like searching, listening, and downloading voice records of telephone calls and also an ability to listen a phone call in real time (live monitoring). The software is exceptionally useful for call centers because it improves communication with clients (helps avoiding mistakes processing client requests and working faster thus minimizing expenses because of the reduced time spent on the phone), it also enables options for analysis of performance and other critical factors in your VoIP infrastructure. Another target are security departments in big corporations since CCR makes it possible and easy for you to control the flow of confidential corporate information and helps in the war with the industrial espionage. Аll components of the system are independent and communicate with each other using SOAP based web services thus staying true to the rise of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

VoiceClerk is a VoIP billing system which - due to its rich functionalities, precision of calculations and robust architecture - quickly became the leader in the Bulgarian market. It has successfully been deployed in many different companies - starting from small businesses (100 or less extensions) and reaching large enterprises (banking and government institutions, insurance, trade and other firms, and telecoms) in some of which we've deployed at a nation wide coverage (e.g. 150 regional / city offices with thousands of extensions). Its open modular design eases the system's integration in almost any VoIP network, regardless of its complexity and minimizes the need to change anything in the existing infrastructure.

Intelligent armoured locking for ultimate security

Unique design and technology applications combine together to make up the Solid 55 Intelligent Protection System (IPS) - a high-tech product that is been integrated with armoured doors, producing a unique security system. The electromagnetical lock can be controlled by the owner through a mobile phone, NNFC card (near field communication) or a remote control device. A personal computer is built-in, as well as an access control system and web-based monitoring feature. The armoured door can easily be connected to all kinds of existing security-monitoring-systems and, last but not least, can easily become a part of a complete, integrated Home Automation System.

What is unique about this IPS solution is that it combines passive and active protection solutions inside a single, unified product - the door.

A POS that organizes all commercial activitie

Infoplus - a business management software by Selmatic Ltd., provides with two different application opportunities: it could be used both as an independent ERP system and as a front office application to larger ERPSs. Infoplus has an interface extremely adaptable to different kinds of software. Selmatic has successfully developed SAP and Navision interfaces as well as an adequate interface with many Bulgarian accounting products.

Infoplus is suitable to big chain stores which could take advantage of Infoplus as POS software. The strongest feature of the product is the data synchronization system - a very important and wanted feature of any POS software suitable for middle and corporate clients.

Infoplus is a unique product due to the possibilities it offers. Usually the standard POS systems are integrated within certain hardware whereas Infoplus is not. Unlike other systems serving only as a POS terminal for direct sales, Infoplus supports, organizes and controls all common processes in any shop. That makes it virtually a mini ERP system. Presently Infoplus is used as a front office application in over 400 locations from the telecommunication sector in Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Due to its built-in programming language the system can process any user defined reports, being adaptable to the customers' specific needs.

Nearshore „center of excelence"

Musala Soft, a leading Bulgarian software engineering services company specialized in delivery of complex and large-scale software solutions and IT consulting, presents its portfolio of services as a local "center of excellence" in nearshoring and the acquired expertise in specific niche technologies.

Over its 9 year history, Musala Soft has developed methodology to execute complex projects under complicated setups including geographical dispersion, organizational obstructions and tight deadlines.

On top of that, MusalaSoft has built a particular focus on the following technological solution types:

  • BPM/ SOA/ EAI solutions
  • Business Intelligence and Data warehousing
  • Software Test Automation
  • Application Modernization / Mainframe migration
  • Identity Management and Application Security
  • Embedded and Mobile Applications

Warehousing in different languages

At CeBIT 2009, Microinvest Warehouse Pro is expected to show off, including the most popular products by Microinvest: Microinvest Warehouse Pro Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, Microinvest Warehouse Pro Mobile, Barcode Printer Pro. Tey all „speak" 9 languages and are being actively used in several countries, being able to simultaneously run several users that use different languages. Microinvest Warehouse Pro is nou proud to be able to run on almost any database, including Access, MSDE, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle. Microinvest Warehouse Pro also can support and manage a large variery of periphelrals such as barcode scanners, digital weighters, fiscal and non-fiscal devices, etc.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light provides easy-to-use and intiutive interface and allows wokrking with touch screen displays, barcode scanners, digital weighters, fiscal and non-fiscal printers, etc. There are two flavours of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light provided for retail stores and for restaurants, respectively.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Mobile is the version for mobile devices that run with Windows Mobile 2003 or higher. Microinvest Warehouse Pro Mobile is suitable for mobile commerce, big trade stores revisions, as well as a mobile, „personal" sales terminal.

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